Introducing Hismile Smilecare Treatments

Introducing Hismile Smilecare Treatments

We are delighted to announce our new Partnership with Australian Oral Care Disruptors, Hi Smile.

Together, we will be delivering a bespoke Smilecare experience with Hi Smile's world first zero sensitivity PAP+ Teeth Whitening Treatment. This will be offered to clients at our Medispa, alongside other Smilecare services such as jaw clench treatment and facial sculpting massage, for a holistic experience.

This collaboration marks the next evolution for both our Medispa and the Oral Care giant, as interest continues to grow in integrated Smilecare and facial treatments. The concept for Australia’s first Smilecare clinic comes from both industry disruptors responding to demand for new and innovative treatments that work to improve not just aesthetics, but also physical conditions that relate to Smilecare.

We would love to invite you to experience a treatment that is designed to transform your smile from within, with the added cosmetic benefit of brighter and whiter teeth thanks to Hismile’s latest innovation.

Now open to our clients, the experience offers expert-led consultancy and treatment from KAILO's resident dental and medical expert Dr. Nelson Bayer.

The elevated menu will contain a suite of treatments to compliment the PAP+ Whitening Treatment including: 

Smile Reset (45-60 minutes) - $750

Treatment package includes: 

Whiten + take-home pack (no additional treatment).
A treatment designed to remove years of stains from your smile. 

Take home pack includes: 

HA5 MW, TB, 1 x TP flavour + Strips (4 pack) ($74 RRP)

Smile Lift (90 minutes +) - $850

Treatment package includes: Whiten + face sculpting massage and healite (30 minutes) + take-home pack #2
A treatment designed transform your smile and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Take home pack #2 includes: 

HA5 MW, TB, TP, Strips (4 pack), V34 ($109 RRP)

Advanced Smile Therapy (180 minutes +) VIP/Partner - $1000

Treatment package includes: 

Whiten + Biologique Recherche face sculpting treatment + take-home pack #3
The most comprehensive treatment designed to transform overall facial appearance, achieving an ageless confidence, while feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Take home pack #3 includes: 

EC, HA5 MW, TB, TP, Strips (4 pack), V34, PAP+ TP ($179 RRP)


V34 = V34 Colour Correcting Serum - $35 AUD

Strips = PAP+ Whitening Strips - $49 AUD

TP = Hismile Toothpaste - $13 AUD

PAP TP = PAP+ Whitening Toothpaste - $19 AUD

HA5 MW = Hyaluronic Gum Mouthwash - $35 AUD

_____ = Hyaluronic Gum Serum - $39 AUD

_____ = iD Stain Eraser - $45 AUD

EC = NHpro Enamel Care - $49 AUD

TB = Hismile Toothbrush - $6 AUD

About Hismile
More than just teeth whitening, Hismile have and continue to develop a full smilecare product range including toothpastes, hyaluronic acid hydrating mouthwash, serums, and enamel care formulas, all providing the same level of scientific backing, innovation and problem solving that you have come to expect from your skincare or beauty regime products.

About PAP+
Hismile’s professional treatment combines an updated brand patented PAP+ formula and VIO405 light technology never seen in industry before. These, along with the promised expert supervision and tailor- made treatment plan, ensure the experience will be the most effective, safe, and elevated on the market. 

The Hismile difference

The whitening treatment features Hismile’s patented PAP+ formula, in combination with VIO405 technology to deliver pain-free and professional-grade whitening results.

The peroxide-free formulation achieves the truest shade of white, without etching enamel or causing tooth demineralisation, leaving your smile looking and feeling more radiant.

  • No pain
  • No sensitivity 
  • Truest shade of white
  • Remineralises teeth 

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