Exclusive HeatHealer Treatments at KAILO

Exclusive HeatHealer Treatments at KAILO

Heat Healer + KAILO partnership Q&A with Lauren Dovey.

Bondi-born wellness brand Heat Healer and Brisbane-based KAILO Wellness have teamed up to offer clients a selection of fully integrative wellness treatments which harness heat therapy to accelerate results.

We spoke to Heat Healer founder / girl boss Lauren Dovey about why Heat Healer and KAILO are a match made in (relaxation) heaven.

What inspired you to create Heat Healer?

I’ve always had a passion for heat therapy – and sauna – because of the way it makes me feel and the vast body of research that sits behind it. My personal wellness journey has led me towards a holistic view of health – this means diet, exercise, sleep and mental health all play a role – and this has helped me successfully manage PCOS and a number of food sensitivities. However, it was after the birth of my twins that I decided to launch Heat Healer with our OG Infrared personal sauna blanket, because I wanted to take advantage of the technology from the comfort of home. We’ve since added products that focus on assisting lymphatic drainage and our new Body Belt which combines heat therapy with LED and PEMF technologies to target pain and recovery from injury.

 What led to the partnership with luxury wellness brand KAILO?

It’s really a match made in heaven – when I met the team, we instantly connected over a shared vision of holistic health and a commitment to helping people take control of their own wellness journey. I personally can’t live without KAILO's Sleep Well supplement powder – when combined with a pre-bedtime sauna it’s a sure-fire way to guarantee a great night’s sleep and wake up rested and rejuvenated. We saw an opportunity to combine our wide-ranging expertise to create an innovative in-person experience that transcends traditional spa services.

How does heat therapy work and what are the immediate, and long term, benefits? 

In a nutshell, heat therapy raises our core body temperature, making the heart beat faster, and increasing blood circulation. It’s been shown to have a similar effect on our bodies as moderate exercise, it stimulates the production of feel-good endorphins (which is why it’s so relaxing!) and of course makes us sweat (great for saying farewell to fluid retention). Over the long term, sauna delivers a bounty of benefits for our heart health, immune system and can even boost collagen production in our skin.

Why combine lymphatic drainage and heat therapy?

The lymphatic system maintains fluid levels in our body by removing fluids that leak out of our blood vessels. It also plays an important role in our immune response, protecting us from infection and disease. Lymphatic drainage helps encourage movement of the lymph fluids around the body, and heat therapy helps to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation, which in turn enhances lymphatic flow – so these processes essentially enhance one another! By combining the two techniques we can accelerate the body’s natural detoxification process, assisting with the removal of toxins, reduction of inflammation, and flushing out excess fluid.

What can clients expect from the Heat Healer Accelerated Lymphatic Drainage treatment at KAILO? 

During the treatment, targeted heat is applied to specific areas of the body with the Heat Healer Body Belt, helping increase blood flow, relax muscles, and stimulate lymphatic circulation. This is followed by skilled lymphatic drainage techniques that help promote movement of lymph fluid and encourage the elimination of toxins and waste products. We have also carefully curated some optional add-ons depending on your mood. The entire treatment will take 60-90 minutes but is extremely efficient because of the accelerating effect of heat – you can expect to feel de-puffed, de-bloated and de-stressed, and you’ll leave refreshed and relaxed!

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