Courtenay Rodwell 

Courtenay Rodwell is a Transformational Therapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy. With a compassionate and skilled approach, Courtenay assists her clients in achieving profound transformations across various aspects of their lives. Her therapy sessions are designed to address acute anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and the effects of trauma, among other issues.

Courtenay's methods are tailored to help individuals overcome anxiety related to work, relationships, health concerns, or general daily stresses, leaving behind emotional fatigue, insomnia, and negative habits. In "De-coding Depression," she guides clients to understand and move beyond feelings of sadness and disinterest in life.

Her "Relationship Triage" sessions offer strategies for effective communication and finding alignment, while "Transforming Trauma" focuses on healing from events like accidents and abuse. "Coping Consciously" is dedicated to those dealing with grief or significant loss, and "Foundational Self-Love" aims at building confidence and positive self-perception.

For those struggling with addiction, Courtenay provides insights into addictive behaviours, supporting clients to find lasting freedom. "Navigating the Curve" helps manage life transitions, and "Handle your Health" encourages alignment of personal values with healthy behavioural patterns.

Courtenay offers a range of consultation packages, from new client consultations and standard sessions to express Zoom meetings for returning clients. Her bespoke transformation programs include the "Ultimate Breakthrough Program" for individuals needing accelerated support and the "Transformative Intimate Intervention for Couples," designed to address chronic intimacy issues and contemplate significant relationship decisions.

Acute Anxiety Buster

Effectively overcome anxiety at work, in relationships, from health concerns, or general daily stresses. Leave emotional fatigue, insomnia and negative habit patterns behind.

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De-coding Depression

Understand feelings of persistent sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Become aware of the cause and bring yourself back to life.

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Relationship Triage

Address any and all romantic relationship problems, difficulties with family, friends, or colleagues in your world. Learn effective communications strategies and find foundational alignment.

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Transforming Trauma

Understand the aftermath of traumatic events, such as accidents, physical assault, sexual abuse or exposure to violence. Heal without fear or judgement and address the emotion of what has happened and learn to love yourself again.

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Coping Consciously

Move through grief and unexpected change, the death of a loved one or significant loss, including spousal or financial loss. Move on effectively with unwavering support and emotional understanding.

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Foundational Self-Love

Transform feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence and negative self-perception. Take action on your dreams by discovering unshakable clarity, resilience and trust in yourself.

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Addressing Addiction

Understand addictive behaviours, and overcome dependency on negative habit patterns involving food, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Uncover the emotional bedrock of these disorders and find lasting freedom from chaos.

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Navigating the Curve

Ride the wave of significant life changes, such as career transitions, retirement, or becoming a parent. Navigate these chapters consciously, confidently, and free of self-judgement and fear.

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Handle your Health

Springboard yourself into a healthier and happier life. Align personal values to new behavioural patterns and get what you want in your physical, mental and spiritual life.

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Appointment Pricing for the above:
New Client Consultation - $595
15% off for all New Clients - 2 hour appointment

Standard 2 Hour Session - $700

Express 1 Hour Zoom Session - $350 
*Returning Clients Only

Packages for the above:

Package of 6 x 1 hour Sessions - $1,890
10% Off – Usually $2,100

Package of 6 x 2 hour Sessions - $3,500
Buy 5 get one free – Usually $4,200

Bespoke Transformation Program

Ultimate Breakthrough Program - $18,888

For those who are ready to change their life NOW! Appropriate if the individual is dealing with an acute or traumatic issue, needs extra support, or is working with an accelerated deadline (career deadline, wedding etc.)Expedited results will be achieved with this program.

Transformative Intimate Intervention for Couples - $28,880

Before you consider Dating Dissolution or Divorce.Bespoke Transformative Experience for couples who are dealing with a chronic lack of intimacy and are contemplating dissolution or divorce of their partnership.Expedited results will be achieved with this program.

Bespoke programs dealing with any and all issues a client may be facing are available upon request and will be communicated to the team at time of confirmation with the client.

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