A massage always refreshes and restores when you need it most and Kailo specialises in both deeply relaxing and remedial massages. Choose your tunes or be guided by meditation and under the skillful hands of your experienced therapist unwind, restore and reset your body.

Relaxation Massage

A deeply soothing massage rebalances your body and releases tension so you feel relaxed and recharged.

$89 (30 mins)
$139 (60 mins)
$179 (90 mins)

Specialised Massages

Remedial Massage
Remedial massages restore function, relieve pain and decrease muscle tension to promote healing and support a healthy, active life. Health Fund Rebates Available.

Reflexology is the application of pressure point massage to areas on the feet, hands and ears to support relaxation and stress-relief. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation and restoration by asking to add reflexology to your skin treatment.

A gentle flowing and nurturing massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (or swelling).

$99 (30 MINS)
$159 (60 MINS)
$199 (90 MINS)

KAILO Body Treatments & Rituals

You are about to experience something very special. We have designed a deeply nurturing and restorative seasonal range of Body Treatments and Rituals.

By embracing the ancient elements of Australian wisdom, we harness the power of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air to centre and rebalance the body and mind. Each season, carefully curated Australian native essential oils, desert salts, volcanic river stones, and guided meditative techniques enrich these treatments and rituals to deeply still the mind, nourish the body, awaken the senses, and connect to the soul.

KAILO Bodyglow

Australian desert Seasonal salt scrub infused with seasonal oils will deeply cleanse and stimulate to prepare you for our replenishing seasonal body wrap. This treatment will refresh, rejuvenate and centre both your body and soul.

$169 (60 mins)

KAILO Massage

This deep rebalancing hot stone and crystal massage uses warm, volcanic river stones from local Country, and KAILO's Signature essential oils to awaken your senses and connect to your soul. A deeply relaxing treatment to leave you calm and rejuvenated.

$159 (60 mins)
$199 (90 mins)

KAILO Foot Therapy

Delight into a luxurious Australian Sandalwood foot therapy. This deluxe foot treatment uses Australian desert salt scrub, warm volcanic river stones massage and a raw Australian Sandalwood mask. Finished with hot towel therapy and optional nail pedicure.

$139 (60 mins)
$179 (90 mins) incl. pedicure

Refresh Ritual

Refresh your mind and body with a skin consultation, personalised hydrating facial, reflexology treatment and neck and shoulder massage to leave you glowing inside and out.

$239 (90 Mins)

Baby-Moon Ritual

Allow your body and soul to unwind, gentling relieving tiredness and aching muscles. A gentle pregnancy massage and hydrating facial will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

$295 (2 hours)

Nourish & Nurture Ritual

A truly restorative ritual embracing Ancient Elements of Australian wisdom through a full body scrub, wrap and hot stone massage. Australian desert Seasonal salt scrub and body wrap is infused through warm, volcanic river stones from local Country. Signature KAILO essential oils and chakra rebalancing are used in your hot stone massage. This treatment will still the mind, nourish the body, awaken the senses, and connect to the soul.

$315 (2 hours)

Honouring Ritual

The Honouring of Self is the ultimate gifting of soul rejuvenation. Ancient elements of Australian Wisdom and KAILO essential oils are combined with a seasonal Australian desert salt scrub and body wrap, hot stone massage using volcanic river stones from the local country. An Australian Sandalwood Foot Therapy is followed by a refreshing Spa lunch. This KAILO Honouring ritual will re-centre: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

$455 (3 hours)

Wisdom Ritual

The ultimate ritual that includes a seasonal Australian desert salt scrub and body wrap, and hot stone massage using volcanic river stones from the local country. An Australian Sandalwood Foot Therapy and personalised hydrating skin treatment is followed by a refreshing Spa lunch, leaving you feel energised and nourished inside and out.

$645 (5 hours)

Wellness Programs

At Kailo we believe in an holistic approach to modern wellness and overall health. Our weightloss and hormone management programs aim to address your functional health and bring balance to your life. Through our IV vitamin therapy we support your wellbeing by helping you to operate at your best, and our counselling and Wellness Workshop programs will give you guidance and support in living your best life.

Metabolic Re-Set Weight Loss Program

Our metabolic re-set weight loss program helps you lose weight and keep it off long-term. It involves the use of a prescribed hormone and high-quality supplements, in combination with a very low calorie diet. The hormone helps mobilise abnormally stored fat and acts on a gland in the brain to reduce cravings and re-set hormonal and metabolic output. The supplements provide the required nutrients while on a calorie restricted diet. Average weight loss is up to 7kgs of fat in 3 weeks and 12kgs in 6 weeks.

$1090 (3 week program)
$1390 (6 week program)

Wellness Program

Our wellness program is a 6-week gut-healing and detoxification program that restores balance to the body and allows for effortless weight management. It is designed for all who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

The wellness program addresses and manages the key physiological factors that influence your weight:

  • Gut health

  • Nutrient status

  • Appetite-regulating hormones

  • Liver function, toxins and inflammation

The brain health restoring balance to these key factors helps to not only lose fat but also keep it off long-term. You can expect to lose 6-10 kgs in six weeks and restore your body's healthy balance.

$695 (6 week program)

KAILO's IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy is designed to boost your vitality and support your body's natural process of healing and optimisation, helping you to look and feel your best. In today's busy world, and during times of high stress or low immunity, the nutrients we ingest through foods, may not be enough to maintain ideal health and function. An IV Infusion drip allows for necessary vitamins (and other nutrients, antioxidants and beneficial trace elements) to bypass the digestive system and enter directly into the bloodstream and organs, which allows for 100% absorption at the cellular level. Following a consultation with our medical staff, your IV formulation will be administered in our comfortable and private KAILO Wellness Pods by our medical team.

You can also add additional treatments while you are relaxing during your vitamin infusion.

  • Express pedicure or manicure 30 mins | $45

  • Express foot massage 30 mins | $45

  • Express facial 30 mins | $45 (add Healite for $25)

  • Healite only 20 mins | $45

  • Brow shape, tint and lash lift / tint | 10% off

KAILO Immune Boost
The ultimate infusion to help your body in times of stress and weakened immunity. Using the powerhouses of Vitamin C, B, Glutathione and Zinc – this formula will help your body to build immunity and strength, so you can function at your best.

$279 or package of 5 for $1300

KAILO Vitality Boost
This formula is the perfect solution to maintain good health and function. Using the key ingredients of B12, B complex, C, Magnesium, Glutathione and amino acids, this formula supports the body in essential functions and immune support.

$349 or package of 5 for $1700

KAILO Skin Brightening Boost
Vitamin C, glutathione for detoxifying, brightening and immune building.

$239 or package of 5 for $1100

B12 & B Forte Booster Shots
Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in many functions in the body, including; energy production, nerve cell health, red blood cell information and neurological function.  B12 booster shot is particularly ideal during times of high stress and activity.

B Forte - covering the B group of vitamins, B Forte contains essential vitamins to support the overall function of the body, particularly during times of stress or over-activity.

$79 each (booster shots $69 with any package)

KAILO Wellness Workshops

At KAILO our aim is to educate and inspire our guests in every aspect of their lives. Through our regular Wellness Workshops, we will offer the opportunity for our guests to hear from industry experts and guest speakers from a range of areas, including womens' health, meditation, fitness, stress management, nutrition, cosmetic treatments, styling, parenting, relationships – and much more.

Workshops are held in our beautiful spa and run for approximately 1 hour, KAILO Wellness Workshops include:

  • Our Wellness Workshops are complimentary for the rest of 2018. Going forward the entry fee of $25 will be redeemable on treatments or products purchased.

  • Giveaway coupons to guests of the spa or guests of The Calile Hotel

  • Takeaway information sheets

  • Light refreshments

OUR wellness workshops will start up again in 2019