Jasna - Paramedical Skin Therapist

Jasna is our senior DMK Paramedical therapist and has been in the skin management industry for 20 years. After graduating in Bachelor of Health Science Dermal Therapies, Jasna grew a passion for great skin care and good gut health! Jasna strongly believes that her skills and knowledge of skin can help in slowing down the ageing process through proper skin diagnosis, great selection of treatments and most importantly maintenance. A combination of DMK home care and professional Enzyme therapy and laser technology can help to achieve all of those concerns.

Skin Tip: Stay away from the sun, especially in peak times. Always apply SPF 50+ and invisible or tinted zinc for full protection

Favourite Skincare Product: DMK Limited Transgenesis Advanced, high-end, luxury Anti-Ageing Skin care Products are a must to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention for all of those who wish to encourage new baby collagen and overall cell health