DMK Luxe Facials

Transcend the effects of time with our indulgent and therapeutic facials - where high tech meets high touch. These skin loving ritual treatments are the gateway to relaxation, restoration and luxury results.

This divine treatment experience begins with an immune boosting cleanse and thorough exfoliation followed by an extended facial pressure point massage and mask. By using a potent combination of vitamins, minerals, peptides and super hydrating ingredients and skin volumizing serums, the skin fills up and restores up to 5 years of skin density. Complete with warm compresses and creams that elevate, tighten and brighten, leaving your skin fuller, firmer, and fresher.

Ritual | Double Cleanse | Exfoliation | Massage | Corrective Mask | Infusion

The Crown Chakra
Combining the Transcend facial experience with the healing elements of Enzyme Therapy energy. Build skin strength whilst flushing the skin of toxins. This treatment will calm your mind and soul with the enzyme mask stillness, along with a guided meditation for 40 minutes. Skin will achieve perfect balance and radiate a deep sense of skin health and wellness. Skin will be left vibrant, fresh and firm.

Ritual | Transcend Luxe Facial | Enzyme Therapy