Crème & Clay Body Wrap

Papaya Creme Exfoliation Massage | French Clay Body Wrap | Hydration Massage
Select from the following body wrap rituals:

Purifying Marine Body Wrap Ritual
Detoxifying & Decongesting

A deeply detoxifying treatment designed to combat congested, uneven and cellulite prone skin. A stimulating blend of essential oils steeped in pure marine extracts and active botanicals purify and decongest to stimulate and revitalise the skin.

Organic Honey & Cocoa Body Wrap Ritual
Calming & Soothing

A deliciously emollient treatment to deeply hydrate the skin with organic cocoa butter and honey steeped in vanilla crème. The result is soft, supple hydrated skin with baby soft tone and texture. Ideal as a safe full body prenatal hydration ritual.

Spiced Chai Body Wrap Ritual
Warming & Nourishing

A deliciously warming body treatment with mineral rich clays peppered with a tradition infusion of fragrant Indian spices steeped in a green tea crème to strengthen immunity while toning and revitalising the skin.