Staying Youthful; restoring your natural beauty

Let’s talk cosmetic injectables… We are honoured here at KAILO to have one of the best Cosmetic Practitioner’s in Brisbane. Doctor Edwina uses only the most reputable brands of anti-wrinkle treatments, as well as specialised fillers for your concerns and needs.

Our goal at KAILO is to restore, enhance and refresh your natural beauty. Cosmetic injectables are a preventative (and a complete personal preference) rather than something that is seen to be ‘changing your face’. Doctor Edwina promotes a subtle treatment that will leave you looking and feeling brighter and refreshed. 

Never tried cosmetic injectables? Doctor Edwina can go through all the options available. Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most common treatments used to help improve volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles on the skin. As we age, our skin loses fat, collagen, elasticity and volume, with small lines appearing along the jawline, the chin and the mouth. When we move our muscles to create facial expressions, the skin no longer ‘bounces back’ and lines and wrinkles start to appear around the eyes, the frown area and across the forehead. 

Here are some tips - whether you are thinking about trying injectables for the first time, or you are a seasoned user.
1. We highly recommend an initial consultation with Doctor Edwina. This way she can advise of the most appropriate services for you, and together you can decide what treatment will work best for you.
2. If you have had botox or filler before at another clinic, come in and have an initial consult with our Dr Edwina. She is very particular about her work so likes to get to know you. She may even have a different opinion to another practitioner.
3. If you are unsure about injectables after your consultation, don’t worry – there is no obligation. Doctor Edwina will not pressure you into having a treatment, in fact, if she gets a hint of any hesitation that shows you aren’t ready, she will ask you to sleep on it before deciding. Your consultation is $100 and redeemable if you book in for a treatment either on the same day or another day suited best for you. 

If you would like to book in for your consultation with Doctor Edwina call KAILO on 3252 3225 or email us at