Experience a skin consultation with Ultraceuticals at KAILO

Words by Danika Krnjaić

As a beautician who hasn’t practised in 9 years, and as a girl who gets her regular 4-6 week facials and has a great skin routine, my first ever experience for a facial at KAILO was not at all what I expected nor have I experienced one like it before. It was incredible. The attention to detail showed a genuine care for the guest’s needs. 

Now, I know I work at KAILO, but I promise I am not being bias! I wasn’t asked to write this blog review. I just wanted to share my feedback after the amazing experience.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I only ever share things that I genuinely love or believe in, things that align with my personal beliefs and values. 

From the moment therapist Molly took me into the treatment room, I was educated about the treatment plan and my skin. First, we sat down and discussed any issues or concerns regarding my skin. For me, it’s the same hydration and irregular skin tone concern that many people have (also I had a little pimple from hormones that appeared the day of the facial). After Molly did a pre-cleanse (to remove any excess makeup) I had my photos taken in an observatory for skin analysis. This takes six different photos: 1. Daylight, 2. Cross polarized, 3. Parallel polarized, 4. True UV, 5. Wood’s, 6. Complexion. Each photo show in detail any underlying ‘issues’/concerns that help the therapist understand your skin on a thorough level, to ensure they design a specific treatment plan to suit you.

Molly said my skin was pretty good, except for a little bit of dryness around the eyes and on my lips and a tiny bit of pigmentation. This was great (considering when I was a flight attendant my face was always dehydrated much more than it is now). Molly’s knowledge was in-depth and helped me to understand what products I should use in the Ultraceuticals range (if I was to consider moving on from my current products). Note - there was no pressure to buy products that KAILO stocks or use. It is purely just about getting to know your skin on another level and educating you on your skin. After-all, the therapists here are Paramedical therapists so they have that next level of understanding from a scientific/medical point of view.  

I walked away from this feeling so fresh. As I said, I have never experienced such a detailed consultation and actually, I have never experienced a skin consultation like that at all. I am going to look into changing up my skin regime to using Ultraceuticals – just for something different! They have a great range of products that I am so excited to try!